Scena Madre*


La scena madre
In Italian, scena madre refers to the main scene, the most dramatic and revealing sequence in a movie or a play. In this work, the centrepiece will be an encounter, repeated throughout the show, always the same encounter but in a slightly different context : the people will change, as will the timing and its developments.
Dynamic, cinematic dance and everyday life
This new work will be danced, very dynamic. Ambra Senatore will also assert in this new work the cinematographic approach of her choreography and direction. Images from our everyday lives will suddenly appear and disappear in the flow of movement, as if a magnifying glass could stop time and focus on a specific encounter in the pulsating and continuous activity of mankind.
A wish
Ambra hopes to touch on the subjects of generosity and openness to others, and think about the banality of good. An excuse to look into our shared humanity and what we have in common, in the face of our precious individuality.

Running time : 60 mins


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Choreography : Ambra Senatore
On stage : Ambra Senatore, tbc
Lights : Fausto Bonvini

Production : CCN de Nantes (France)
Coproduction : Le Théâtre de la Ville, Paris (etc.)