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The classical myth of ORFEUS is well known: the semi-divine poet-musician reveals the inner harmony of the universe through his songs, failing in his attempt to retrieve his dead bride from the Underworld, after which his songs are shadowed by grief. ORFEUS embodies a consciousness that constructs meaning, integrates experience and deepens understanding in the crucible of the imagination. This production ponders the role of the artist today, and wonders what songs are to be sung when we emerge from the period of darkness that currently afflicts us.

Staged as an immersive, meditative, understated ritual, in which exquisite music leads us through the wonder that awakens nature, the epiphany of love, the heartbreak of loss, to a confrontation with utter darkness and a reconciliation with death and impermanence. A poetic narration floats over the music and soundscapes accompanying us on this journey. 

The staging of ORFEUS is flexible and can be performed outdoors in a natural environment, in an enclosed roofless courtyard, in a cavernous ‘found space’, or in a black box theatre.

"Before Orfeus came, there was no music here, no songs, no tunes, nothing to hum when you’re happy or sad. There were gunshots and there was weeping, there were hisses and growls, the cold ringing of fear, the clatter of laughter, a dull buzzing that went on forever, but music? If there was we could not hear it, he brought us music, he taught us to sing, and slowly we began to understand." - Brett Bailey

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Written, created and directed by Brett Bailey.