Covid friendly #Programme with confidence

Track is a site responsive outdoor performance walking tour, which takes audiences on a journey into the heart of their own multifaceted cities. Through a fusion of audio technology and live performance, Track offers an insight into an ever-changing city from the point of view of its inhabitants whose stories are discovered through a rich language of sights and sounds. The audience are given a personal audio player and together with live performers are guided through corners of their city possibly unknown to them. As they walk, stories and performers reveal themselves as the empathy and understanding between audience and all they encounter grows.

Track was originally produced for the Chinese New Year Festival 2008 in association with Project Arts Centre and Dublin City Council and in collaboration with local artists and performers from Dublin’s Chinese community. This new adaptation explores the experiences of immigrant communities in an increasingly multicultural world. Track is designed to work within a post-COVID reality of social distancing and restricted audience and Brokentalkers will work with each city and respond to their architecture, geography and cultural realities individually to create a bespoke and original version, specific to each city location in terms of route, cast and elements of the script.

#covid friendly #programme with confidence #site specific 


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Written by Fedilim Cannon & Gary Keegan