Manéjese sin demoras. Deben exhibirse en fecha

Multi-screen installation

Manéjese sin demoras. Deben exhibirse en fecha (Use without delay. Display on the exact date)

A film installation consisting of a mix of ten video projections. The ten films overlap varying in length and subject matter, the sound track moves around the space as one increases in volume for a short while and another declines - sometimes one film and its sounds are dominant, at other times another.

All of the films that make up the hour-long whole are Mexican in original - a place where Michael Nyman has made his home these last eight years. They are ostensibly documentary in content but the whole is far larger than the parts.

It is a portrait of Mexico. More dominant are two “end” films which co-ordinate the other eight by defining the overall subject matter - they conduct the symphony of moving images.

This is life in the raw: street performances for tourists abut to a vagrant looking at a statue erected for a famous politician, glamour girls pose for a camera club event in a public square, cleaners clean museum spaces and, importantly, the mothers of the missing 43 students (the “disappeared” students from Ayotzinapa who went missing in Iguala, Mexico in September 2014 provoking national demonstrations and international condemnation)hold a public meeting and bemoan the lack of political will to find their children.

This work can either be presented as a multi-screen installation or performed as a live ciné concert.


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  • 2013-12-01 00:00:00 - Centre de Cultural Digital, Ciudad Juárez - Mexico


Film by Michael Nyman
Editor : Max Pugh

Michael Nyman Productions