*The Tiger Lillies & Cole Porter : Love For Sale

Covid friendly #Programme with confidence

Birds do it, bees do it — and here for your entertainment the Tiger Lillies do it, in 16 songs all written by Cole Porter and presented in the band’s particular and distinctive style.

While Cole Porter’s name might not be a part of our everyday conversation it’s surprising just how well known many of his songs are and how they have become part of our culture. The original songs have probably endured so well because they are such good examples of the songwriter’s art, with economical phrasings and cute rhymes, all ideally suited to performance and open to being covered in a variety of ways. As such, the selection here presents songs performed in a relatively “straight” manner, letting the music or singing give them individual character, while other songs have been more freely adapted by Martyn Jaques, to introduce the seedier elements of low living that are one of the band’s signature notes. Hence the sub-title, A Hymn to Heroin, which points up the ambiguities in certain of these lyrics that are so ripe for exploiting: that burning yearning in “Night and Day” we all recognise, might also be a craving for something other than another person’s love…And if that one’s a bit of a tough number, there are plenty of up-beat moments too.

Approximate running time: one hour and thirty minutes. Different versions are available for socially distanced programming.

Buyout options are available for the Tiger Lillies' concerts.

#covid friendly #programme with confidence #concert


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The show is performed by Martyn Jacques and Adrian Stout, based on the songs of Cole Porter.
Originally produced by Opera North projects.