Celebration Parade

Site specific performance

The Celebration Parade is a cultural exchange that will have a long term impact on the lives of all children and communities who are involved in the project. Since 2010 Handspring Puppet Company have worked with children locally in Barrydale South Africa, developing workshops, parades and performances. Building from these previous experiences, the Celebration Parade can involve 150+ children from the presenting partners community to culminate in a public street parade and performance that has the potential to reach, connect and bring awareness to thousands.

The Celebration Parade includes five life-size elephant puppets, each manipulated by three puppeteers with the potential to also invite a giraffe, an antelope and many more. With the help of highly experienced facilitators from South Africa, children and teachers from the presenting city will be shown how to construct their own puppets and will also be taught how to embody the physical language of the animal they have created. These puppets will be designed by Handspring Puppet Company using recycled and easily sourced materials. The puppets will be specific to each city and country, to reflect and bring awareness about their local fauna and local animal conservation. 

As a singular event or a multi-year project, the Celebration Parade, led by the elephants as ‘ambassadors’ will create a strong focus on local endangered species and will connect communities of all ages and diversity. Whether an annual or multi annual project, The Celebration Parade will leave behind a strong awareness of animal endagerement and a puppet making legacy at each location.



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  • 2024-03-08 00:00:00 2024-03-11 00:00:00 - WOMADelaide Botanic Park - Tainmuntilla, Adelaide - Australia


Director & South African Producer : Basil Jones

Director & Designer : Adrian Kohler

Commissioned by WOMADelaide 2024