Go Figure Out Yourself


Maybe it’s a cabaret of questions with no answers
Maybe it’s all about ‘you’
Maybe you should come alone
Maybe you’ll find your true love at the end
Maybe it’s a trip to the dark side
Maybe it’s theater’s very last funeral ritual
Maybe it’s a maze of mirrors
Maybe it’s not for you
Maybe you’ll cry
Maybe it’ll remind you that you were born naked
Maybe you should ‘fear not’
Maybe boredom is the enemy to fight
Maybe it’s all a lie and you’ll like that
Maybe it’s like another drug
Maybe it changes you with no way back
Maybe finally we are at your feet and you decide
Maybe you don’t even reach the end
Maybe it’s time to abandon yourself
Maybe others can’t describe it
Maybe you should just Go Figure Out Yourself!

Following the theatrical dance piece Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour (2017), Wim Vandekeybus is ready to break down the boundaries between the stage and the audience. A host and his entourage take the audience to the cabaret of questions, where Go Figure Out Yourself is the only answer that is currently possible. The tempo is high. Interaction is unavoidable. The performance is no longer for, but rather with the audience. And it’s this audience that shapes the landscape for this radical journey.

Go Figure Out Yourself is an all-embracing expedition balancing between various genres, from dance to theatre and circus. This time, Wim Vandekeybus wants to create a performance that is not an actual theatrical piece, or at least is not intended to be.


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